Welcome to Mihalism Multi Host! The Mihalism Multi Host mission is to provide the best image hosting software in the world. Our users know from experience that no hosting script on the Internet comes close to the power that Mihalism Multi Host can provide. Mihalism Technologies' development team knows that security and compatibility are the most important parts of any software. Therefore, we have developed advanced features that are compatible with almost any systems. So welcome to Mihalism Multi Host, we know you will love using it!

You will need to have the following to allow Mihalism Multi Host to operate:

  1. Apache Web Server or any standard non-Windows web server.
  2. MySQL Database Server
  3. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor - Version 5 or greater.
  4. GD Graphics Library or Imagick Image Library*

Note: A requirement that is starred (*) is a requirements that is not common in shared hosting environments.

WARNING: Using this installer will erase any already existing Mihalism Multi Host installation.

Click the button shown below to be taken to the installation form.

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License: Mihalism Multi Host is released under the GNU Version 3 General Public License.
By using the script you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the License.
A copy of the license is packaged with the script in the file LICENSE.pdf.

Copyright: Mihalism Multi Host is Copyright © 2007, 2008, 2009 Mihalism Technologies.